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I wasnt really impressed by her writing…mostly because she talks about the same stuff that almost every Mexican-American writer writes and thats about the hard life of a Mexican.  How it was living in the “barrio”, traveling alot to the north to work.  I already know the story because my parents and grandparents use to do it back in the early years.  The Woman Hollering sounded like an everyday Novela or soap opera that I use to watch with my grandma during the weekdays at night.


Out of the few poem that were in our reading, miss rosie was the only one that even sparked a little interest.  The poems seems to be about a lady that was once beautiful and was call “The Georgia Rose” that turned into a homeless person and smelled of garbage.  But there was always that person that was there to remember the before Georgia rose and defend what she once was.  Over all her poems where just another subject to put me to sleep.

This play turned out to be a very good and interesting play.  I first started reading it and im not going to lie but it put me to sleep but then I decided to rent the movie and after I saw it I was in awe.  Once I saw the movie I finally had a better perspective of what was going on and how great the play was, dealing with sex, drinking and all kinds of drama.  The most important character were Stanley, Blanche, and Mitch because they all had something to do with things just completely falling apart.  At first I thought Stella would be a major character but it turns out she isnt.  She seems just to be the push over and the reason Stanley and Blanche are at each others throats.  Stanley is one of the main characters because pretty much starts everything that cause the emotional roller coaster.  With his drinking and his abusive/child like behavior and his urge to show he is the king of the house.  Then there is Mitch the other push over that is just trying to find mrs right and the one to bring home to momma.  After Stanley tells him the truth he goes mad and changes he view toward blanche and this sets her off even more.  As for blanche, right off the back she is already loosing it on the verge of cracking till finally after the fight with Mitch she is completely locked in the fantasy world pretending she is going away on a cruise with a millionaire.  If it wasnt for Blanche going to Louisiana to stay with Stella I believe everything would of stayed the way it was and everything would have become all screwed up.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro had to be, hands down, the best story I had ever read.  I like the way he some what put his life story into the story.  How he was in the Army and even to his Safaris he had in Africa.  What interested me the most was how he related the hyena to death.  The way that it was always stalking him and the way it jumped on his just and it wouldnt let him breath.  In my eyes that was a sure symbol of death coming upon him.  My favorite part of the entire was the airplane scene.  It showed so many different things; death, heaven and I felt that there was a double standard for the  top of Kilimanjaro.  The top could have represented the heavens because of it white snow and beauty, but I could have also represented hell because of its cold and bitterness it bring to anyone.  Also I saw that Old Compton was obviously representing the grim reaper because he was taking to the place where he was going to recover but in this case he was taking him to the after life.  The Snows was my absolute favorite story because it actually keep me hooked into it and it presented a lot of what I want out of a book and thats drama, suspense, and death.

This had to be one of the  most disturbing pieces of literature I had ever read but it had alot more to offer other than just plain creepy and that was the argument between Tradition and change.  Emily lives by “Tradition” era, she owns a hows from Old Colonial times and doesnt change it through out the years while living in a neighborhood that continues to change to more modern times.  She is stuck in the old times and she refuses to be part of any kind of modernism, to the point where she doesnt ever want to change to the recent postal service.  I thought this poem was very disturbing because of what she did to Homer and why she did it.  I still cant figure out why she would do this but my guess is that she just didnt want to lose another person that was just like her, “Traditional”

This was a very interesting poem about knowing which road to take and if it would lead to happiness.  Coming off of a ABAAB style and made of four stanzas with five lines in each, it interested me alot because it showed me, in away, the way that I was at a certain point in my life about my significant other.  In a nut shell, we had gone through a tough situation and I had no choice but to look down two roads, the one with her and the one with out, and I had to see what could happen in both these futures if i chose to leave or stay.  How taking one road could lead me to happiness but would it really be happiness or just  hiding be hind a smile.  And then by taking the risk or “taking the road that was less traveled” it really did make all the difference in my life and everything turned out the way I hoped it would

T.S Eliot is a very unique and interesting author, he always thought the poetry should stay in the modern civilization time and be difficult to interpret, such as “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock”.  Obviously it was a poem about love but the way he mentions it in the poem is just….whoa.  He used so many different metaphors and imagery to show the love he had for his significant other.  I especially liked the way he used the “Hamlet” reference comparing the famous “To be or Not to be” quote with “Do I Dare?”.  In the Hollow Men, it was really hard for me to pick up on what he was really talking about.  It seemed to me that he was mainly talking about War and Military.  The way a military man comes back from being “stuffed”, in other word traumatized or hollow as in being dead.  I feel like he is mostly talking about how much war is happening in the world today and if we keep disappointing god, soon it is going to come back and take away what is most important to us….life.