Robert Frost…The Road not Taken

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

This was a very interesting poem about knowing which road to take and if it would lead to happiness.  Coming off of a ABAAB style and made of four stanzas with five lines in each, it interested me alot because it showed me, in away, the way that I was at a certain point in my life about my significant other.  In a nut shell, we had gone through a tough situation and I had no choice but to look down two roads, the one with her and the one with out, and I had to see what could happen in both these futures if i chose to leave or stay.  How taking one road could lead me to happiness but would it really be happiness or just  hiding be hind a smile.  And then by taking the risk or “taking the road that was less traveled” it really did make all the difference in my life and everything turned out the way I hoped it would


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