William Faulkner…A Rose for Emily

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

This had to be one of the  most disturbing pieces of literature I had ever read but it had alot more to offer other than just plain creepy and that was the argument between Tradition and change.  Emily lives by “Tradition” era, she owns a hows from Old Colonial times and doesnt change it through out the years while living in a neighborhood that continues to change to more modern times.  She is stuck in the old times and she refuses to be part of any kind of modernism, to the point where she doesnt ever want to change to the recent postal service.  I thought this poem was very disturbing because of what she did to Homer and why she did it.  I still cant figure out why she would do this but my guess is that she just didnt want to lose another person that was just like her, “Traditional”


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