A Streetcar named Desire…

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

This play turned out to be a very good and interesting play.  I first started reading it and im not going to lie but it put me to sleep but then I decided to rent the movie and after I saw it I was in awe.  Once I saw the movie I finally had a better perspective of what was going on and how great the play was, dealing with sex, drinking and all kinds of drama.  The most important character were Stanley, Blanche, and Mitch because they all had something to do with things just completely falling apart.  At first I thought Stella would be a major character but it turns out she isnt.  She seems just to be the push over and the reason Stanley and Blanche are at each others throats.  Stanley is one of the main characters because pretty much starts everything that cause the emotional roller coaster.  With his drinking and his abusive/child like behavior and his urge to show he is the king of the house.  Then there is Mitch the other push over that is just trying to find mrs right and the one to bring home to momma.  After Stanley tells him the truth he goes mad and changes he view toward blanche and this sets her off even more.  As for blanche, right off the back she is already loosing it on the verge of cracking till finally after the fight with Mitch she is completely locked in the fantasy world pretending she is going away on a cruise with a millionaire.  If it wasnt for Blanche going to Louisiana to stay with Stella I believe everything would of stayed the way it was and everything would have become all screwed up.


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