Kate Chopin The Cadian Ball and The Storm was one of my favorite reading so far in this class.  The story had passion and love, thrown in with a little bit of drama.  The cadian ball was basically a “love triangle” that included Bobnit, Calixta, and Clarisse.  In the first part of this “love story” it was mainly about trying to figure out what love really was.  It was like watching one of those mexican soap opreas that my Grandma and Girlfriend watch lol.  Bobnit was in love with Calixta, but it seemed only physical attraction and Calixta was the same way, attracted to physical appearance.  But then in the end of the Cadian Ball the didnt even end up together, he ended up with Clarisse.  Then in “The Storm” it was mainly focused on Calixta and Bobnit being stuck together in her home while her husband and child got stuck in town.  Bobnit was trying to convince Calixta that they were ment to be but she didnt want to fall for him because shes was married. He was trying to figure out why she just settled for him and didnt want to leave with Bobnit. The end of the story was an ending that was left undone; he left with just a kiss on the fore head never to be seen again.


This poem was very confusing for me to really understand.  The first stanza what talking about her life being a loaded gun….and well i had to read it a couple of time to actually understand it and I understood that she would stand alone in the world feeling like she had no meaning in this life.  And then the “Owner” i presume that she is talking about a hunter and that hunter shot her and “carried her away” after being shot.  The second stanza was even more confusing for me, talking about “hunting a Doe now” and she spoke for him and the moutians replied….this just left me with a big question mark on my forehead.  I know that she is using imagery but the imagery shes using is just so confusing and raising a lot of questions.  I really dont know what else to write about this poem cause i have to honestly say that this one was a very tricky and difficult piece to interpret.

The poem should me Emily Dickinson dark side or gothic side.  The way she uses death in the poem was really interesting.  In her first stanza shes says that “because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me”, if tells me that shes had to quickly just stop everything that she was doing and go with him/her to the afterlife.  Also, when she mentions that “he kindly stopped for me” threw me off a little bit, made it seem that death has manners.  In the second stanza, is a bit of repeat of the first stanza.  How she talks about putting up all of her work to follow death into eternal immortality.  The last part is were it proved to me that death might have had some sort of manners, politely taking her to the afterlife.  When she talks about passing a school with children and there playing in recess, that told me that it was a childhood that she could of had;  like death is showing her a life she could of had if she was just more outgoing and open.  In the next stanza she talk about how cold it gets when she is near death, representing the cold and bitterness we get when we are in the brink of death.  And lastly when shes talks about “a house that seemed as swelling from the ground and the roof was scarcely visible, shes talking about her grave and how its going to be her new home.  This was my favorite poem from Dickinson because it showed so much feeling and regret.

Emily Dickinson was a loner most of her life and did most of her poetry was done in the “comfort” of her loneliness and solitude.  When she states “shuts the door” shes saying that she is refusing to interact with society, only when she wishes to.  When she says “The Soul Selects her own Society”, shes saying that she only chooses to befriend the ones that she feels is worthy to befriend.   The poem shows how much of a hard worker she was and how much she was focused on her poetry.  But as i continue to read, I start to sense that these could be some kinds of romantic poem, in the sense that she doesn’t find love because shes tunes everything out.  That mainly caught my attention when she stated the “One” as in shes waiting for the person she is truly ment to be with.  But I look at it this way; shes hadnt have waited for the one shes was ment to be with she wouldnt have done all this poetry.  Thats what makes this poem so loud and strong, that she managed to set friendship and love aside to make her self well known for her poetry.

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry…Eh

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This poem was a little interesting and pretty weird.  Seemed to me like he was trying to talk about our future and the good and bad things that can happen with the choices we make.  Trying to convince us or “the reader” that he was closer to us then we thought were but other than that….it was just another boring poem to me, attempting to read something that doesnt interest me at all is really hard and im still trying to find that one author thats going to give me that interest im waiting for.

Song of Myself…

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Whitmans “Song of Myself” poem was…..ehhh well quite revealing I have to say.  When I first read it to myself I didnt really understand the point of the poem, but when we talked about it in class I was quite shocked.  Everyone one made me realize the real points of the poem and put kind of an awkward look on my face.  After learning all this new information, I came to the simple conclusion….that he was secretly fruity.  There was a phrase he used in one of his stanzas that really brought me to this thought….”How you settled your head athwart my hips and gently turn’d  over upon me, and parted the shirt from my bosom-bone, and plunged your tongue to my bare-stript heart”….yeah that was the quote that did it for me lol.  But not only was it that quote that made me think this, there was the section about the Lady watching 28 men bath in the ocean.  Once I read it the first time didnt really make alot of sense to me…until I connected the dots the next day lol.

Huck Finn…#4

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Well its been a long run and I finally got through the book, and I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the last few chapters of the story; despite a little sleepiness but thats only because I worked from 3-1030 pm.  I think it was a great ending, although it had a rough start and middle section lol, but other than that enjoyed it.  It really surprised me how much Huck went through to rescue Jim from the Phelps farm, as well as Tom putting in a lil work him self to save a slave.  Going through alias just to get past  Toms(Sids) Aunt and Uncle and start planning out the rescue.  I thought i was pretty stupid the way Tom wanted to plan the rescue by rejecting Huck simple,in and out plan, into a suicide mission just for the fun of it but, i guess it was different back then lol. Then after going through all the trouble of getting tools to dig, animals for distractions and mobs chasing them, including a gun shot wound to Toms leg, turned out that Jim had already been set free two months ago by the one person they thought sold him…Miss Watson.  Enjoyed the story very much, mostly the end though, there was just to much rambling in the beginning and middle but thats just my opinion, what do i know i dont even enjoy reading like others lol